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The Seven Agency Bali Wedding

Brief History Of SaundersfootThe agency wedding bali village of Saundersfoot began life as a few medieval cottages in a forest clearing in Coedrath, a hunting ground of the Norman Earls of Pembroke. Five hundred years later it had grown into thriving coal port and remained as such for just over 100 years.Saundersfoot harbour was first built in 1829 and it transformed the small fishing village into a thriving industrial port exporting high quality anthracite by sea. In its heyday this little harbour was shipping out around 30,000 tons of anthracite coal annually from its shores.Queen Victoria, with a green outlook ahead of her time, decreed that only coal from Saundersfoot should be used to power the first Royal Steam Yacht, this was due to the quality of the coal and because it gave intense heat yet produced very little smoke.

The horses were retired from doing all the hard work with the implementation of a railway system operating over the many pits that surrounded the area. There were 2 locomotives and both engines used on the line had low profiles so they could work the tunnels. The Rosalind was scrapped when the pits closed down in the 1930's, but the Bulldog continued to work at Llanelli steel works until 1951.I believe a bylaw still exists whereby horses have more rights of way and to exercise on Saundersfoot beach, than any of us or any other animal.History points us to time lines and leads us to imagine all that the inhabitants endured; the lives and struggles lived across the acres and miles of tunnels that were explored in their time in this scenic village. As with every community it is the people and characters that breathes life into each and every town and village.There is a very interesting story to tell of one very nearly famous aviator by the name of Bill Frost who patented a flying machine quite a while before the Wright Brothers succeeded. For full details of his story take a look at http://www.saundersfoot.co.uk/history/flying.html.

The village has come full circle as starting life as a fishing village it is once more a quiet seaside resort, offering ample fishing and angling opportunities; importantly the harbour is still very much a working harbour, as well as being a safe haven to a plethora of leisure vessels.

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